Problems Solved

I am an AWS Certified Solutions Architect.

If you have problems involving IT infrastructures such as servers, databases, web servers, application servers or that one weird thing that you run that no one else understands, come talk to me.  I'm sure I can work out a solution for you.

If your systems keep breaking all the time and don't know how to fix it,  I can help with that too.  As an AWS Solutions Architect, I can build a customized, low-maintenance solution that will meet your exact business needs.

Cool name, where'd you get it?

A friend of mine was working on her psychology master's thesis.  Everything was done with the paper except for a single page number that needed to be rotated 90 degrees.   After countless hours fighting with Word, she sent me the offending document to see if I could do anything with it.  20 minutes later and a few back-and-forths, the document was done - the page number rotated its proper quarter turn.

The page number to be rotated was the 51st page.  Now, fixing Word documents is a fairly trivial matter but terribly important to the person who can't seem to do it for themselves.  So this 51st page represents a convenient name for my long history of fixing technology problems for people that they cannot fix for themselves.